Online Tools

There are several online tools to help you determine the value of your antique car or possibly the value of a classic car you plan to purchase.

Below is a list of some of the valuable resources online:

  • The NADA Guide – fortunately, NADA isn’t only for new vehicles.  You can use the NADA online guide to find values for classic cars as well.  It’s an easy to use interface and is widely used and recognized by professionals.
  • Kelley Blue Book – The Kelley Blue Book is another easily recognized and widely used car valuing online tool.  KBB as it’s often referred as can also help you with antiques.  It’s similar in nature to the NADA Guide.
  • Hemmings Price Guide – Not as well known but an obvious choice to help you determine that classic car value.  We find this site very easy to use and an excellent choice to begin your valuation.  Estimates are provided by pulling from a database of “for sale” classic and antique cars.  This is a great resource for determining current pricing and an accurate way to price your antique for sale.
  • Edmunds Price Guide – Edmunds is well known and a popular resource, we prefer the above three but it’s worth checking your antique car through a variety of sites to get as close to the true value as possible.
  • Hi-Bid – Current prices and a great way to browse through current auctions of antique cars.